This renegade outfit of country western outlaws is living proof that there is more to the great Pacific Northwest than Microsoft, Starbucks, SUVs, grunge, heroin, suicide, and rain. Since 1994, when Cleetus and Murl Hartwood recorded their first 2-man/4-track demos, the band has grown to a full 6-piece (sometimes as many as 9-piece!!) outlaw country killing machine at the forefront of a growing country music movement…in a region best known for rock!

Their latest offering “Enumclaw” (named for the renowned rural community in the foothills of Mt. Rainier) spans subject matter ranging from the comfortingly familiar (First Kiss, Wanted Man, Sad Country Song) to the disturbingly bizarre (the title track, This Ol’ Methlab, Devil Song).

The live show these days depends on the venue as to what you will see, but it’s consistently unpredictable. Smaller rooms may get the stripped-down 6-pc “just the band” show, while rooms that can accommodate tend to get the full-on 9-pc “outlaw orchestra” (and you never know just what else might happen at a Hartwood show!)

Fans of outlaw country, bluegrass, honky tonk, southern rock, or even comedy, will thoroughly enjoy Hartwood’ latest release “Enumclaw”!

See for yourself: Pop a cold one with Hartwood!!!

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